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Meet the Travel Michigan team.


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300 N. Washington Square
Lansing Michigan 48913

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David Lorenz, Vice President 
Phone: (517) 243-3073
Email: [email protected] 
Rochelle Caslavka, Executive Assistant | Assists the Vice President of Travel Michigan.
Phone: (517) 243-5026 
Email: [email protected] 

Bonnie Fink, Partnership & Travel Web Coordinator | Manages michigan.org web content including partnership pages and the tourism property database. 
Phone: (517) 285-0351
Email: [email protected]

Paul Howland, Special Assistant | Manages special projects.
Phone: (517) 331-3794
Email: [email protected]

Nicole Ly, Marketing Content & Project Coordinator | Coordinates and creates content for the Travel Michigan website and marketing materials; manages media photography requests.
Phone: (517) 285-7430
Email: [email protected]

Otie McKinley, Media & Communications Manager | Manages all media requests, public relations activities and industry outreach efforts. 
Phone: (517) 930-8049
Email: [email protected]

Maria Mendez, Project Coordinator
Phone: (517) 420-5012
Email: [email protected]

Amanda Munson, Departmental Technician | WJR Travel Michigan radio show producer. Assists the Vice President and responds to Travel Commission inquiries. 
Phone: (517) 242-7292
Email: [email protected]
Robin Peebles, Publications Specialist | Oversees the production of the Pure Michigan seasonal travel guides and manages the consumer e-newsletter program.
Phone: (517) 243-2708
Email: [email protected]  
Kelly Wolgamott, Director of Travel Marketing | Manages all advertising and marketing efforts.
Phone: (517) 643-2838
Email: [email protected]
Ken Yarsevich, Advertising Specialist | Manages the partner program.
Phone: (517) 819-0462
Email: [email protected]