Mailing address:
300 N. Washington Square
Lansing Michigan 48913

David Lorenz, Vice President (517) 335-0007
Rochelle Caslavka, Executive Assistant - (517) 241-6748
Assists the Vice President of Travel Michigan.

Bonnie Fink, Partnership & Travel Web Coordinator- (517) 335-6909
Coordinates Travel Michigan web site & supports Pure Michigan partnerships and responds to web related/partnership inquiries. Manages partnership pages and updates tourism property database.

Paul Howland, Special Assistant - (517) 241-6718
Manages special projects.

Michelle Grinnell, Director of Media, Public and Industry Relations - (517) 241-0251
Manages all media requests, public relations activities and industry outreach efforts. 

Maria Mendez, Project Coordinator - (517) 241-6740
Amanda Munson, Departmental Technician - (517) 241-6705
WJR Travel Michigan radio show producer. Assists the Industry Relations Director and Vice President and responds to Travel Commission inquiries. 

Robin Peebles, E-Marketing and Publications Specialist - (517) 241-6708
Manages the e-marketing program, oversees the production of Michigan Travel Guide magazine, and is the liaison to the cultural community.
Kelly Wolgamott, Director of Travel Marketing - (517) 241-5004
Manages all advertising and marketing efforts.

Ken Yarsevich, Advertising Specialist - (517) 335-4383
Oversees the marketing partnership program and manages partner program planning.