b-17 bomber at night on the runway at the airport museum

Through aircraft displays and precious artifacts, the Yankee Air Museum teaches guests about aviation technology and the importance of flight through past wars and and the emergence of commercial aviation in the United States.


Scenic woodlands and picturesque views of the Huron River are waiting for you at Oakwoods Metropark. A 1,756-acre park features well-tended trails that meander through mature woodlands, a Nature Center and a designated monarch butterfly waystation. 

Destination Downriver - Give it a GO!
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Destination Downriver - Give it a GO!

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Discover Belleville

An attractive community nestled on the peninsula shores of a beautiful placid lake, a picturesque setting painted with exquisite tree-line neighborhoods.Belleville is a busy, thriving downtown, accented with an unobtrusive, wisely planned industrial development program. Come explore this unique environment.