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Keweenaw Peninsula

Explore the Keweenaw Peninsula. Where adventure falls from the sky, grows from the ground and springs from Lake Superior.
Experience a destination of countless pristine natural areas, wildlife sanctuaries, and preserves scattered across the peninsula. From breathtaking views and serene escapes to heart-pounding climbs, the Keweenaw's wildlands are vast and inspiring.

Travel Safely in the Keweenaw Peninsula. 
No wait lines, just shorelines. Discover miles of Lake Superior coastal shore and numerous secluded inland lakes. Head to the eastern edge to enjoy a beautiful Lake Superior sunrise, you'll be rewarded with golden skies mixed with dazzling hues of red & purple over sparkling waters.
7 Can't Miss Keweenaw Summer Events
Summertime in the Keweenaw Peninsula is an event in and of itself. With an array of outdoor activities, historical sites, and learning opportunities, any summer weekend spent here is sure to be filled with things to do.
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Top 8 Keweenaw Beaches
Many people know that the Keweenaw Peninsula is legendary for the amount of lake-effect snow it receives each winter. Lesser known but equally impressive is that the same lake that dispenses buckets of snowfall is responsible for the Keweenaw Peninsula's miles of pristine coastline.
view from above on the beach, water is turquoise and greens, beach lines the water
Top 9 Summer Activities To Explore in Houghton
Home to Michigan Tech University, a vibrant downtown, ample dining options, and easy access to the Keweenaw Waterway, you'll find plenty of things to do in Houghton...especially in the summer.
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City of Houghton
The City of Houghton has been designated as a Pure Michigan Trail Town.
Enjoy a Keweenaw Workcation
One of the best perks of remote work is that it allows you to work from anywhere with a solid internet connection. Some workers take advantage of this flexibility by working from — and traveling to — different destinations around the globe.
A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum
Witness the raw beauty of the earth’s minerals and discover how they were formed with a visit to the A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum located in downtown Houghton. You’ll see the blue of azurite, the pink faces of calcite, and discover a rainbow of minerals fluorescing under black light, all selected from among our holdings of 40,000 specimens gathered beginning over 200 years ago by collectors and now preserved at the museum.
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