Boardwalk on dunes over Great Lakes
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Two Peninsulas, One Pure Michigan | "Gone Fishing"
Whether it’s from your couch, kitchen or patio, stay connected with each other in Pure Michigan.
Dark Skies
When night falls and Michigan’s breathtaking views fade into the darkness, the skyscape opens to one of the greatest star shows in the continental United States. 
Michigan's Upper Peninsula | Heart Rate
They say the perfect resting heartbeat is 60 beats per minute – we couldn’t agree more, most of the time.
Loud | Michigan Winter Sports
Some say winter is a silent season. Somehow in Michigan, winter silence speaks loud. This season, Let’s Winter in Pure Michigan.
Harvest Time | Autumn in Michigan's Outdoors
Harvest Time: try a taste of fall produce in Pure Michigan.
Wish You Were Here | Michigan Outdoor Adventures
With a wealth of activities for the whole family to enjoy, Pure Michigan is your destination for outdoor recreation.
A Perfect Summer | Summer Activities in Michigan
The perfect summer has a voice, if we listen close enough we can hear it.
Perfect Spot | Michigan Fishing Trips
We all have one that perfect spot, a special place we go to smooth out the ripples of the day.
Timeless and True | Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Michigan's Upper Peninsula offers countless attractions and a timeless charm you won't find anywhere else.
14 Clubs | Michigan Golf Courses
Only 14 clubs, pick out the right one and drive it right down in the middle of pure Michigan.
A Simple Sunrise | Michigan Outdoor Events
25,000 mornings, give or take is all we humans get, make sure some of them are Pure Michigan.
Water | Great Lakes in Michigan
Come realize water's true potential, dive into the waters of Pure Michigan.  
Snow Day | Michigan Winter Attractions
This winter, every day is a snow day in Pure Michigan.
Along The Way | Michigan Roadtrips
Because enjoying the journey is always Pure Michigan.
Deep Breath | Michigan Fall Colors
Experience the splendor of fall in Michigan. Vibrant colors and the pleasure of taking a breath of Pure Michigan's autumn air.