Boardwalk on dunes over Great Lakes
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A Perfect Summer | Summer Activities in Michigan
The perfect summer has a voice, if we listen close enough we can hear it.
Two Peninsulas, One Pure Michigan | "Gone Fishing"
Whether it’s from your couch, kitchen or patio, stay connected with each other in Pure Michigan.
Michigan's Upper Peninsula | Heart Rate
They say the perfect resting heartbeat is 60 beats per minute – we couldn’t agree more, most of the time.
Wish You Were Here | Michigan Outdoor Adventures
With a wealth of activities for the whole family to enjoy, Pure Michigan is your destination for outdoor recreation.
Loud | Michigan Winter Sports
Some say winter is a silent season. Somehow in Michigan, winter silence speaks loud. This season, Let’s Winter in Pure Michigan.
Perfect Spot | Michigan Fishing Trips
We all have one that perfect spot, a special place we go to smooth out the ripples of the day.
Timeless and True | Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Michigan's Upper Peninsula offers countless attractions and a timeless charm you won't find anywhere else.
14 Clubs | Michigan Golf Courses
Only 14 clubs, pick out the right one and drive it right down in the middle of pure Michigan.
A Simple Sunrise | Michigan Outdoor Events
25,000 mornings, give or take is all we humans get, make sure some of them are Pure Michigan.
Water | Great Lakes in Michigan
Come realize water's true potential, dive into the waters of Pure Michigan.  
Snow Day | Michigan Winter Attractions
This winter, every day is a snow day in Pure Michigan.
Along The Way | Michigan Roadtrips
Because enjoying the journey is always Pure Michigan.
Deep Breath | Michigan Fall Colors
Experience the splendor of fall in Michigan. Vibrant colors and the pleasure of taking a breath of Pure Michigan's autumn air.