Pure Michigan Signature Dish Series: Yum Village

Part two in an exploration of Michigan’s culinary scene takes us to Detroit for Afro-Caribbean cuisine full of flavor.

A plate with a combination of main dishes.
The Pure Michigan Peanut Platter | Photo Courtesy of Pure Michigan

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From its origin, Detroit has been a mix of cultures, and its food scene continues to uphold that trend: the Pure Michigan Peanut Platter is sure to take your tastebuds global. Yum Village is a cultural fusion restaurant with meals carefully curated by owner and chef, Godwin Ihentuge. The Peanut Platter features suya chicken, akara sliders and maafe atop a Belgian-style waffle for a flavor that you can’t get from your average restaurant.

The Pure Michigan Peanut Platter is a mix of some of Chef Godwin’s favorite menu items that he combined specifically for the Signature Dish series. Suya chicken features suya pepper and a sweet agave drizzle to make your mouth water. The akara sliders are a delicious, deep-fried vegan option, and the maafe is a peanut stew that ties it all together on a Belgian-style waffle. Seasonings upon seasonings make each bite a new flavor experience with tomato, onion and Cameroonian pepper, among other ingredients, that are a secret between Chef Godwin and his staff.

Yum Village started as a food truck in 2014 and today is home to two Detroit brick and mortar locations in New Center and West Village to get your fusion fix, which is fitting for Chef Godwin as he grew up and went to school in Detroit. Bearing witness to the change that’s taken place, Chef Godwin has become a figure in the community and does everything he can to give back by maintaining partnerships with World Central Kitchen and Brilliant Detroit, in addition to the majority of his ingredients being from the Detroit area.

About Chef Godwin Ihentuge

Chef Godwin Ihentuge
Chef Godwin Ihentuge | Photo Courtesy of Pure Michigan

Chef Godwin is proud of his Nigerian and African American roots, and wants to share the culture through cooking, something that is a pillar of his family. Watching his mother cook growing up paired with his passion for global flavors has taken him far. Spreading the culture of diaspora is as important to Chef Godwin, as is making his food as authentic as possible by sourcing 15 percent of his ingredients from Haiti, the Caribbean, and West Africa.

Follow along with our Signature Dish series as we continue to explore Michigan’s growing, award-winning and highly sought after culinary scene.