Pure Michigan Signature Dish Series: Marrow

The next stop in an exploration of Michigan’s culinary scene takes us to Marrow in Detroit.

4 slices of toasted bread and tartar on a long rectangle blue plate on a table
Photo Courtesy: Pure Michigan

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Since Marrow’s conception in 2018, the team has had a clear vision in mind: create and support a system for sustainable food, and they’ve done just that. They’ve taken the lifecycle of food back to a time before overconsumption, buying from farmers and honoring both the land and the animals the food came from. This unique style of fueling Detroit is only matched by the fact that Marrow is more than just a restaurant, but a place for all your butchering needs as well. What better place to visit on our Signature Dish series than this women-founded, owned, and operated establishment.

Founder Ping Ho spent her early life in Singapore, which is where she was no stranger to attending the local “wet market” with her Grandma. It was there where the connection between buyers and butchers left a lasting impression. Knowing every detail of what you’re selling, sharing that knowledge, and having a relationship with the community around are the values that would later be the core of Marrow. Community connection is something that the staff at Marrow cherishes, as Partner and Executive Chef Sarah Welch’s close connections to the farming community serve as a guiding light of the food you can find at the establishment. Chef Welch’s love for the craft of cooking took her to New York’s French Culinary Institute and led her to work with many well-known names. It’s the collaboration with her peers where she has learned the most.