Family-Friendly Fishing Spots in Michigan

With freshwater fish including trout, walleyes, salmon, perch and bass ready to bite, Michigan is home to some of the best catches a fishing trip can offer.

A man and boy holding a bass fish on a fishing line
Fishing in Michigan | Photo Courtesy of Pure Michigan

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With the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Family Friendly Fishing guide, a resource that provides family-friendly fishing locations across the state that are easy to access and have a high likelihood of catching fish, it’s the perfect time to plan a family fishing trip in Pure Michigan. Below are a few family-friendly favorite fishing destinations around the Mitten.

1. Pinnebog River – Hume Township

The Pinnebog River is a short but unique river that flows through Port Crescent State Park into Lake Huron. This river offers shore and pier fishing, with a chance of catching carp, catfish, smallmouth bass and many more. Don’t forget to pack lunch for the family to enjoy on the many picnic tables.

2. Brimley Bay – Brimley

Head to the Upper Peninsula for shore, pier and boat fishing. Don’t have a boat? Brimley Bay offers boat rentals so your family won’t miss out on catching bullhead, whitefish, yellow perch, northern pike, bullhead and sunfish. Invite your furry friends for a complete family trip because this fishing shore is animal-friendly!

3. Boardman River – Traverse City

Named one of the top 10 trout streams in Michigan, Boardman River includes 160 miles of river and tributary streams, plenty of options for all ages and families. Bring your boat and utilize the boat launch to catch brown trout, rainbow trout and yellow perch. Cool down after a day on the water by walking the trails.

4. Kalamazoo River – Kalamazoo

While fishing is a must at this river, so is kayaking. Make it a unique family fishing trip by bringing or renting kayaks for the whole family. Stay close to shore and find walleye, rock bass and many more fish species, while enjoying the beautiful and relaxing ride.

5. Silver Lake – Hart

This lake offers the ultimate fishing experience, with camping and swimming available, a weekend trip is a must. Don’t know how to fish? Local fishing guides are available to share their tips and tricks with the entire family.