10 Relaxing Places to Hammock in Michigan

Photo Courtesy of m22life

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As explorers look for new ways to enjoy Michigan’s trails, parks and other green spaces, founder of Peak Camping Hammock, Eric Breiner, shares some of his favorite spots to enjoy a relaxing swing in a hammock. 
One of the most popular ways to enjoy Michigan’s great outdoors is in a hammock. To ensure safety for yourself and the environment when hammocking, make sure to hang from healthy, mature trees to prevent a tree from coming down on top of you. Be sure to choose safe areas, keep the bottom of your hammock 18 inches from the ground to prevent accidents and always use tree-friendly straps to avoid damaging the bark of the trees.
Now with safety tips in mind, here are my favorite spots to hang a hammock in Michigan:

1. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park Ontonagon 

Known as the “Porkies,” the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is a 60,000-acre park located in the Western Upper Peninsula. This large forest is home to several campgrounds including cabins and yurts for rent. The Park has numerous beautiful spots to set up a hammock. From waterfalls to a variety of trails, you will have many opportunities to take in the incredible views. Just make sure you bring a map to navigate through this bountiful park.

2. Wilderness State Park Carp Lake 

With 26 miles of stunning Lake Michigan shoreline, the Carp Lake area houses the Wilderness State Park Campground. You can hike, bike, fish and of course set up your hammock on the many trails or campsites that make up the 10,000 acres of wilderness. The beauty of this area includes its convenient location – it’s only about 11 miles from Mackinaw City. You will not have to look far for places to explore at Wilderness State Park.

3. Lakeport State Park Lakeport 

Lakeport State Park has it all, ready to welcome you and your hammock to a day outdoors. The park is equipped with basketball hoops, horseshoes, canoeing, camping and plenty of trees to set up a hammock. Views of the clear Lake Huron invite you to set up and take it all in, or put on your water shoes and hop in. When swimming in Lake Huron, I recommend water shoes as the shore can be a bit rocky. After you take a dip in the water, dry off in your hammock along the shore and soak in the views.

4. South Higgins Lake State Park Roscommon 

South Higgins Lake State Park is a tranquil resort along the Higgins Lake shoreline with opportunities for setting up a hammock, swimming, beach sports and more. The park also has a breathtaking waterfall, another great spot to set up your hammock for a long relaxing day. Approximately 20,000 acres of natural wonders are waiting to for you in the South Higgins Lake State Park.

5. Tahquamenon Falls State Park – Paradise

If hammocking with the tranquil sounds of waterfalls seems like your ideal day, then you’ll love Tahquamenon Falls State Park. The park is home to the largest falls east of the Mississippi, with the Upper Falls reaching 50 feet high and more than 200 feet wide. The Tahquamenon Falls State Park also presents many opportunities to find the perfect hammock spot. With 40 miles of hiking trails, 13 inland lakes and around 20,000 total acres you could spend days finding picture-perfect spots to set up your hammock.

6. Silver Creek State Forest Campground – Paradise

The Silver Creek State Forest Campground is a destination for fish anglers. The trout is not the only thing that draws visitors though. The Pine River and Silver Creek are accessible through the camp, lending opportunities for boats, paddle boards and other carry-in water gear. The Silver Creek Trail presents hiking and biking trails as well. Setting up a hammock is an easy option in this state forest and makes for a nice break in between activities.

7. Baxter Bridge State Forest CampgroundManton 

The campsites at Baxter State Forest Campground are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, as are the many opportunities to set up your hammock. The campsite, made famous by its proximity to the Manistee River, is limited to 25 sites for tent and small trailer use and there are countless trees to find the perfect spot to relax. After you set up your hammock, make sure to take advantage of canoeing, fishing and wildlife viewing.

8. Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreMunising

Located in the Central Upper Peninsula, Pictured Rocks Park presents beautiful sandstone cliffs, breathtaking wildflowers in the spring and views of the charming Lake Superior. Any of these locations serve as a great spot for a hammock. However, if you want an even more breathtaking view, hike to the top of the Au Sable Light Station for a landscape view 87 feet above the ground.

9. Yankee Springs Recreation AreaMiddleville

Yankee Springs Recreation Area is composed of a whopping 5,200 acres of marshes, lakes, streams, and rugged terrain. The unique character of the landscape makes it a great location to set up a hammock, with recreational actives available year-round such as hiking, biking and winter sports.

10. Huron-Manistee National ForestCadillac 

The Huron-Manistee National Forest is located between the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. As you might assume, it’s full of places to see such as ecological features, grasslands, coastlines, dunes, oak trees, marshes and more. This forest offers spots to satisfy everyone’s desires when it comes to setting up their hammock.
About the Author: Eric Breiner is the founder of Peak Camping Hammock and long-time hammocker. Eric is an advocate of getting more people outside enjoying all there is to do. When Eric is not outside in a hammock, you can often find him mountain biking, SUP boarding, trail running and enjoying the outdoors.